The US urges North Korea to come to the diplomacy table

The U.S. Secretary of State has made his fourth and final stop in Tokyo, Japan, as part of a 4 day Asia tour with North Korea being the lead agenda. He said that the North Korean leaders would need to “come to the table in a responsible way”. In the countries that Mr. Kerry has visited, South...

US and China make landmark pledge on Korean de-nuclearization

The U.S. and China have made a landmark pledge on the  de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. This comes as the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, has visited China with the agenda of pushing the North Korean issue. John Kerry said in a statement saying that China and the US were able “to...

US warns North Korea over missiles

President Obama has warned North Korea that the US would “take all necessary steps” to protect America and its allies, in a joint statement with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. He has also urged China to do more in response to North Korea’s threats and actions over nuclear war. Meanwhile,...

G8 condemns North Korea’s nuclear threats

The Group of Eight nations (G8) has jointly condemned North Korea’s nuclear threats along with its nuclear technology. The group said that they condemn “in the strongest possible terms” North Korea’s further development on its nuclear program and its ballistic missile capabilities...

New British Army vehicles

An interesting armored vehicles video displaying British Army vehicles that are going into service in the British Army. Related Posts:Video creationForce Protection tests the “ILAV” at high speed…Video of the Leopard 2A4FV101 ScorpionBritish army u
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