BMP-T Tank Support Fighting Vehicle (TSFV)

BMP-T Tank Support Fighting Vehicle (TSFV)

The BMPT is a Tank Support Fighting Vehicle (TSFV) which was developed primarily for the aim of supporting tanks in mainly urban areas; however the tank also has the ability of supporting infantry in urban environments as well.

The thing which makes this vehicle so fearsome, is its incredibly powerful multi-purpose armaments which are either intended to totally destroy infantry targets or combat enemy armour which is in its field of view. (FOV)


Two 30 mm 2A42 dual-feed cannon (The same in the BTR-90A and Mi-28 Havok)

Armour Piercing discarding sabot (APDS), High Explosive frag (HE-FRAG), High Explosive Tracer (HE-T) and Armour Piercing Tracer (AP-T)

The BMP-T is also armed with anti-tank guided munitions. It fires the 9M120 Ataka-V anti-guided missile and there are certain variants of this missile that can be fired from this vehicle: 9M120 Ataka-V is a munition which has to be guided at all times while the missile is in flight as the operator of this position has to point and guide the missile in the direction of where it should go.

The 9M120 is a missile which fires tandem warhead, which essentially has 2 detonation stages, it was designed for usage against ERA.

9M120F thermobaric munition is a munition which is primarily for building targets as the charge in the missile lasts significantly longer than a normal warhead, meaning a longer blast duration.

The 9A220O fires a munition which is used against helicopters, essentially it is an air-burst round seeing as it makes a large explosion which thrusts in a 360º angle.

Additionally two AGS-17D 30 mm grenade launchers are mounted on the vehicles sides.

The vehicle also has a coaxial machine gun which fires 7.62mm munitions.


The chassis is based from the T-72 however is modified to allow for the new turret. Because the chassis is based on a main battle tank (MBT) the tank weighs in at 47 tonnes, which weighs more than some tanks currently fielded in some armed forces today. In urban areas the BMPT is fielded and situated with tanks on a 2 to 1 ratio, where 2 BMPTs will protect one main battle tank. (MBT) In rural areas one BMPT will protect 2 main battle tanks. This is because the BMPT can much more effectively handle infantry contacts in urban areas (2 x auto-cannons, coaxial 7.62mm machine gun) and in rural areas the BMPT can help counter armoured vehicles with the 4 anti-tank guided munitions it can fire off.

3 Responses to “BMP-T Tank Support Fighting Vehicle (TSFV)”

  1. Covenanter says:

    In the armament section you forgot to note the two 300mm automatic grenade launchers one each side of the driver post.

    Does it makes it more fearsome?

    • armour says:

      two 300mm automatic grenade launchers? That I would class as monstrous.

      I would class the vehicle as the ultimate armoured vehicle beast.

      I did forget that, but it has now been added. Thanks a bunch!

  2. armour says:

    “Two 30 mm 2A42 dual-feed cannon”

    Yeah that will rip anything apart bar a tank. Though I would assume dual 30mm rounds being fired accurately at a tank would take out its optics?


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