Chonma-ho tank

The Chonma-ho or Pegasus is a North Korean main battle tank (MBT). The tank was designed before 1980 and was procured after 1980. The number of Chonma-ho tanks that were built equal to more than 1,200 manufactured. The design of the tank is, actually, based on the T-62 design. If we look at the comparison...

Swedish Leopard 2 tank drifting on ice!

This is a video of a Swedish Leopard 2 tank drifting on ice. Weighing in at nearly 63 tonnes, this armored vehicle is one mean monster. Related Posts:Video of the Leopard 2A4Video of the K2 tankVideo of the T-90 tankInfra-red defeatedStryker (Vehicle)The best tank in the...
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