Ceasefire breached in the Ivory Coast

In our news reports previously we stated that civil war was a possibility in the Ivory Coast. In 6 years there has not been an outbreak of weapons fire exchange against the two sides of the north and south. According to a UN spokesman speaking to a BBC reporter he stated that there have been clashes in the village Teapleu in the early hours of Thursday morning. – Where exchange of military grade munitions took place.

Reports from the UN have spoken against the disputed President Laurent Gbagbo on human rights issues with a statement from the UN stating that 500 people of which most were pro-supporters of the alternative Alassane Ouattara government who have international support. Particular suburbs in Abidjan have also been targeted to which end they have been suggested to be pro-Quattara areas and fighting has spread across these areas too with reports of casualties as well deaths.

According to the report hundreds have fled the village of Teapleu and a suburb in Abidjan however this marks a turning point in an even more likely event of civil war breaking out. – To which the 2010 elections in the Ivory Coast was meant to unify the country.

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