US warns North Korea over missiles

US warns North Korea over missiles

  • Kim Jong-un at an undisclosed location looking at a screen, with what looks to be a missile control center.
  • Kim Jong Un sitting at his desk, next to his iMac. In the background, a map with missile markings.
  • The Kaesong Industrial Zone, where North Korea has suspended 50,000 North Koreans jobs.
  • North Korea shows off its Musudan ballistic missile in a parade. Recently, they deployed these missiles on their east coast.

President Obama has warned North Korea that the US would "take all necessary steps" to protect America and its allies, in a joint statement with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

He has also urged China to do more in response to North Korea's threats and actions over nuclear war. 

Meanwhile, South Korea is on its highest state of alert, "vital alert, Watchcon 2", after the North Korean's had positioned a missile in "launch position".

US Secretary of State John Kerry, will be travelling to Seoul for the first time in his newly appointed position. The North & South situation is likely to be at the top of the "to talk about" list.

A senior US government official has also been quoted as saying, "we would want China to bring a sense of urgency, the need to stop this escalation, into that debate".

However, the latest news on North Korea's missiles is that they have, according to CNN, "lowered" their missiles from a launch position that previously hit the headlines. 

The Kaesong Industrial Zone, which is said to be making $100 million US dollars per year for the stagnant North Korean economy is still not running, as North Korea has not let the 50,000 workers return to the industrial complex. Pyongyang has expressed that it could permenantly close the industrial complex, which is the only sign of North and South cooperation and a key symbol to, perhaps, a way out of a unstable situation. 

Seoul has also been met with no reply when it has invited the North to come to the dialogue table to discuss plans over the Kaesong Industrial Zone.

U.S. Secretary Of State John Kerry Visits South KoreaUS Secretary of State John Kerry - Visit to Seoul 

The US has now officially warned North Korea that a ballistic missile launch would be a "provocative act" and "huge mistake".

The Secretary of State also re-iterated President Obama's earlier words of its commitments to protecting its allies and itself. 

It is now speculated that the missile launch will take place on the 15th of April, as that is the date when the former leader and national founder, Kim Il-Sung was born. A missile launch would be in-line with last years failed rocket attempt that was used to launch a satellite in Earth's orbit, but ultimately broke up and crashed into the sea; however was launched to mark the national founders birthday.

North Korea has previously stated that they would fire up a nuclear reactor that they had closed due to increased tensions in the region, growing ever bellicose.

The US President gives his remarks on North Korea. 

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