According to the United Nations 100,000 Syrians have fled Syria in the month of August.

How many have fled Syria in total from the start?

The conflict which had started in March 2011 until now has caused up to 230,000 Syrians to flee into neighboring countries. These countries they are fleeing to are countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Jordan, and apparently this is occurring on a daily basis.

How many have died?

According to Skeptive, a website which sources its information from news websites around the world, the death toll varies around 15,000 to 30,000, as of latest.

The fact that 100,000 Syrians have fled Syria in just one month (August) has skyrocketed the figure of people leaving the country by almost double.

China and Russia have again vetoed the latest UN bill proposed by the UN Security Council on Syria and there is not much hope of any international help occurring in the same way Libya was handled.

France & Britain have suggested ideas of imposing no-fly zones similar to that of what occurred in Libya. However, it seems clear that China and Russia are going to deny any foreign military action from taking place.