A soldier passes a line of tanks in Iraq

Armored Vehicles was setup in early 2008. My intended focus for this website was to setup a site that is insightful and useful to the readership or for people looking through search results in Google for information on armored vehicles.

The website is focused on detailing about the world’s military armored vehicles. The website has also expanded into talking about world news specifically dealing with military issues and even more specifically to UK military world news.


As a hobbyist and as a person who likes and enjoys reading about new armored vehicles and past armored vehicles, I decided to create my own article website which deals with tanks, APCs and IFVs which I have enjoyed reading about. Most importantly I’ve included a way of gearing the more important information to users who seek to know detailed analysis about the armored vehicles talked about on this website. Currently there is only one editor/author on this website.