Recently the South and North Korean categories were added to Armored Vehicles. We only currently have 1 article up about the South Korean tank, the Type 88 K1 / K1A1 tank and in the near future we hope to release information on the XK2 Blackpanther tank; which will be coming soon. We will also document on current tanks and other armoured vehicles which are under the possession of the North Korean army. You won’t be able to see this category yet as there are no articles up for this category, so until there is, it won’t show up on our website.

I’m excited about this development and hopefully this will help grow further the website that has been created to inform others or enthuasiasts about armoured vehicles in today’s armies.

Admittedly, there has been a lack of development in article creation, however in the near future we hope to proccess articles everyday about these different tanks and armoured vehicles.