We are adding new community features to our main website which viewers of this site will soon find out about. Features such as personalised user pages where you can add your own avatar or upload up to 10 images which are your favourite can be saved and hosted on this website. Take my profile as an example or the main armour.ws account. ­čÖé

Sign ups are currently closed and we will start to open sign ups when we have first configured the sign up system as well as the back-end behind everything. We hope to turn this into a community site and hopefully get military veterans registering up to share their stories behind the armour & weaponry they served in. You may have also noticed in the community tab (Image to the right) there is a “members” link in the drop down menu. That will show all those who have signed up to our main site and our forums there is a┬áseparate┬ámembers section for that.