The AAV-7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicle is a fully-tracked vehicle (Built by U.S. Combat Systems, now BAE systems) which has a primary purpose for amphibious assault landings. The vehicle was first introduced as the LVT-7 in 1972 to whereby upgrades and life extension programmes began the work on later (1984) name changed AAV-7A1.  It was originally to replace the LVT-5 which was lightly armoured as well as being lightly armed. The extension and upgrades programme improved the original vehicle by adding a Cummins VT400 engine for improved maneuverability, weapons which include the Mk.19 40 mm grenade launcher, M2 HB 50. cal machine gun and also 8 smoke grenades which is made by possible by a smoke generator. The vehicle can travel 300 miles without refuelling and has a maximum speed of 45 mph over land and 9 mph over good conditions in water.


  • Primary: Mk. 19 – 40 mm grenade launcher ( 60 rounds of rapid fire per minute and a sustained 40 rounds per minute) The vehicle can carry 864 of these 40 mm grenades which are mechanically belt-fed into the chamber.
  • Secondary: M2 HB 50. cal machine gun
  • Smoke grenades 8 x 8

Additional information

AAVP-7A1 is capable of carrying up to 25 fully equipped men along with radio gear additional to the three crewman. The crewman are as follows: Driver, Commander/Gunner and rear crewman. The vehicle weighs in at 29 tonnes and has 45 mm armour which gives it much more protection to occupants to for example vehicles like the Stryker.


(In no particular order)

  1. United States Marine Corps (USMC) | Purchase of 1,311
  2. Brazil | Purchase of 12
  3. Argentina | Purchase of 21 LVTP 7s, ten upgraded in Argentina.
  4. Italy | Purchase of 70 LVTP 7s – 50 of which gave been upgraded to the AAV-7A1.
  5. South Korea | Purchase of 162
  6. Taiwan | Purchase of 54
  7. Venezuelans | Purchase of 11 AAVT 7s
  8. Spain | Purchase of 36 (Upgrades)
  9. Greece | Purchase of 100 from USMC surpluses
  10. Thailand | Purchase of 40
  11. Indonesia | Purchase of 10 LVTP 7A1 donated by the South Koreans