What is armour?

Armour is protective covering made of materials such as metal and kevlar, most commonly used in combat and is purely a protective role for vehicles & people to combat injury and exposure from weapons fire and explosives. (Whether that be from the cause of projectiles or commonly used in Iraq & Afghanistan; vbIED’s)

What is an ‘Infantry Fighting Vehicle’? What is an ‘Armoured Personnel Carrier’?

An IFV is intended to carry combat infantry around and provide fire support for them. An APC is very similar to an IFV except for the fact it has less armour than an IFV, where IFV‘s are intended to stay put to give fire support to infantry. APC’s are usually referred to as “battle taxi’s” as they carry troops around then drop them off, then move off. A lot of IFV’s are armed with with TOW variant missiles, like the M2 Bradley and BMP-3. Where APC’s are usually just armed with 25-30mm cannons or 50. cal weapons like on the M113.