Over this week, I will be updating articles to reflect a higher quality. As you can see in the T-90 article there has been an improvement in terms of depth and information. I hope to reflect this on all articles throughout this site. With this all in mind, all new articles will be setup in the same layout as the above article, as can be seen in the new article “Stryker (VEHICLE)“. For anyone viewing our articles, we are looking for new editors, so if you wish to sign up, please sign up here. We are looking to add more and more information to our articles throughout the upcoming weeks. As of the 20th of September 2010, the M1A2 article has been updated. However the article is still work-in-progress, which means it is not fully complete.

New edition

There has also been a new edition of another category, this is the “Military News” section, this is where we will post in depth analysis on news pertaining to military updates which have so far included the trident debate in the United Kingdom and the future of the CVF aircraft carriers in the United Kingdom also.