The BTR-80A  is an 8 wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier.. The production for the first of these vehicle types started in 1986 and this replaced the previous BTR-60 and BTR-70 and then the BTR-80A gained production and procurement in 1994.


30 mm cannon (Auto-loader)

– Armour piercing rounds (AP-T)

– High explosive rounds (HE-FRAG)

1 x 7.62 mm machine secondary coaxial weapon

1 x 6, 81 mm smoke grenade launchers attached to the turret

General information

The BTR-80A and other variants are all amphibious which all utilize water jets on the back part of the APC themselves. The BTR-80A has a crew of three and can carry an additional 7 people. To get into this vehicle you have side doors or the option of getting in through the top. Because the main weapons mount is built the way it is, the cannon can fire at a very high angle shooting at aerial targets with its powerful weaponry with very high rate of fire.; as can be seen the right hand side.