Foxhound LPPV

Foxhound LPPV


Foxhound in a supply setup.

Foxhound is a British armored vehicle that will replace the Snatch Land Rover. Foxhound’s (Originally: Ocelot) manufacturer is Force Protection Europe and Ricardo PLC and in 2010 they won a  £180 million order from the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) to deliver 200 of these vehicles, as well as spare parts to the British army. In 2011, an additional 100 vehicle order was placed for the Foxhound increasing the total purchase order of these vehicles to £400 million. The contract was finalized in 2012 and an additional £30 million order was placed for 25 more Foxhound armored vehicles. On the 5th of April 2013, Ricardo PLC confirmed the order from General Dynamics – Force Protection Europe for 76 Foxhound vehicles. They confirmed the entire order from the British MoD to be 376 – to date.

Ocelot was chosen as the vehicle of choice to replace the Snatch Land Rover as it met the following conditions:

  • Adequate protection against vBIEDs, small arms fire and mines.
    • Tested under rigorous controlled environments.
  • Mobility. The vehicle weighs 7.4 tonnes and has a maximum speed of 82MPH. It is also light enough to be slung underneath a Chinook helicopter.
  • The British MoD’s “emerging open standards for Generic Vehicle Architecture”.

foxhound2Basic features

– V-shaped hull

– Batteries, generator, fuel tank, drive line and main fuel tank are protected from blasts. These are listed as vital components.

– Steyr M16-Monoblock Diesel engine (6 cylinder, 160kW) – connected to a ZF – 6HP28X 6 speed automatic gearbox.

– It can reach speeds of 50MPH in 19.75 seconds.It has a maximum speed of 82MPH.

– Modular design. The vehicle’s parts ca be replaced very easily and there are interchangeable areas, which means the vehicle can be changed to fit different roles. Whether that be vehicle repair, patrol, supply vehicle, and even an ambulance.

– Maximum payload of 2,000kg.

– Engine can be replaced within 30 minutes.

foxhound-3The modular design includes a “pod” where the passengers of this vehicle are protected from blasts and explosions. This is the most protected part of the vehicle and this allows for the Foxhound to be much safer than its Snatch Land Rover counter-part.

18 June 2012 – Foxhound made its arrival to Afghanistan where it was transported via C-17. The vehicle is being used in the Helmand province region and has so far not suffered any major incidences.


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