We acquire quite a few French users on this website. However they are probably disappointed when they find that in their category section there is only one article which only talks of the Leclerc MBT. In a recent forum post on the community forums of armour.ws, I recently stated that new articles were coming out with 2 out of the 3 listed being French vehicles and the first article which I have already completed (BMPT) is of Russian origin. Now that I have propped up the Russian category, though there is still more work to be done on all categories, the French category especially needs a huge prop up.

That being said, the French have very nicely designed armoured vehicle and here are some images for you to enjoy:

Now you’ve finished looking at the vehicles, you’ll notice if you are a huge armour enthusiast, what type of vehicles these are. If you know what they are feel free to comment below. (Its free and interesting, so do it!) A little clue is that these vehicles are in the French military and will be appearing in the French category soon enough before the end of this month! (September / 2010)