I’m the owner of Armour.ws, the website which provides unique and interesting detail towards armoured vehicles located around the world. I work by myself on this website and it is something which I do for a hobby existing also with my real job. The problem with updating content on websites is that it takes time and time also means money in most cases where you should and could be earning. I intend the website to keep growing as the past months of analytical data shows. However future growth barred with the current growth, requires fresh new content; which of course takes time, with this in mind I will try my best to get new articles and editions out as I’m the sole editor of this website.

The future of this website is certain and it will stay up for archive purposes if the case comes to stand the website can no longer function without fresh content. The reason for the slow down in article write ups, isn’t because I have lost interest. Though moreover is to do with myself moving and immigrating to another country. This of course takes a lot of my time up and because of this I can no longer add content in a frequent manner. I feel I need to give this explanation as I feel readers might be interested in knowing the future of the website if they are interested.

[01/12/2010] Armour.ws might not be updated in a frequent manner; however there will be an update of new articles, though as stated, not in as a frequent manner as before.