The Puma is a hi-tech mobile piece of equipment on the battlefield. The design is so versatile that there are 8 different variants of this vehicle. Firstly you have the 4 by 4 APC variant, next you have the 6 by 6 variant which can carry up to 8 additional troops. Other variants include TOW/Milan launching capabilities as well as anti-air Mistral capabilities. Another variant is that this design can also carry out ambulance needs in hostile zone and there is a specific variant for this.


30 mm Mauser cannon (Puma IFV) – 3 km effective range

– 1 x 5.56-mm coaxial secondary

1 x 7.62-mm or 12.7-mm (Puma APC)

Additional Information

Some variants or highly armoured variants weigh more than the T-72 MBT. These variants increase all round protection for the crew and infantry in this variant of vehicle.