Thanks to Google for a recent update which made our website rank 5th for (First page) of Google for a specific keyword and another keyword to which we rank second in after Wikipedia. I’ve been following our rankings in Google ever since the start of the re-changing of our main keyword. As I have re-developed site since its original incarnation in 2008. I followed as we were listed for this keyword on the 66th page, then over days, weeks and months, we slipped onto the 20th page, then the 6th page and now are on the main page. – Hopefully we’ll overtake other commercial websites which rank first, second, third, fourth however as of right now I’m happy at the position we are currently ranking in Google for this specific keyword.

We also rank well for the armoured vehicles we write about. The names of the armoured fighting vehicles that we do write about rank us mostly on the first, second or third page. Which is fairly decent with a website doesn’t do much or at least any as of recent commercial advertising. As there is an increase in traffic and awareness about the site, we hope to invite people to become editors for this website. We are also further growing the site in writing about North Korean and South Korean armoured/military vehicles. Wait for an update about that in the future.

The sad thing is that we aren’t doing too decently in, only on to which they have there own preferential way of listing results or different results based on region. Though our main traffic comes from the United States, we should really be doing much better for this variation of Google (.com) thus we just need to grow firm, strong and we’ll be able to conquer .com of this search engine.