I was out and celebrating in Taichung, the third largest city in Taiwan, which in itself is a pretty small island. Enjoyed my night out, even though I didn’t get to drink, but that wasn’t a disappointment, seeing as I’m in a different country celebrating something which is an experience in itself. I managed to view the firework display located at Taichung’s government/local council office. Which is huge by the way. But it was enjoyable with a lot of people there all celebrating the new year.


It doesn’t thwart by a long shot, my previous experience in London. Or even seeing the 2011 London firework display on YouTube, which the BBC released. But a firework showcase, is a decent one, even though small, so I think I was happy enough with the firework display in Taichung. (Taiwan)

A "Sogo" In Taichung, Taiwan

A “Sogo” In Taichung, Taiwan

Just posting this as a “happy new year message” to all the visitors of this website and may this new year be a prosperous one! 🙂 I’m thinking I can go places with the addition of a lot of high quality articles for this website, so the future is looking bright in terms of Armoured Vehicles!

Signing out. – Enjoy!