Recently, I read an article on USATODAY stating that Iran having nuclear weapons should be a “no worries” response.

The question that comes up in my head as I read that, is whether I agree with the authors assessment and in some ways I do and in some ways I don’t. But the situation is a little more complex than that and whether or not Iran possessing nuclear weapons could destabilise  the region is a possibility.

Israel evidently does not want Iran to possess nuclear weapons and because of that nor does the United States, – with that comes the entirety of the west; including many if not all, European countries.

The situation would be nice and cosy if no one had nuclear weapons and until that point, I don’t see how other countries can be demanding other countries not to be creating nuclear weapons.

Iran has a crazy dictatorship in power, you say?

If that’s true, then the same can be said about North Korea and so far, they haven’t used their nuclear weapons in anger against other countries. The leaders of these countries are not suicidal, I think a nuclear weapon for them would a last ditch decision, if they were attacked and overwhelmed.

I think the idea of possessing a nuclear weapon from Iran’s point of view is to do with security. They can see they have armies of other national forces who are against them, surrounding them in Iraq and Afghanistan. (The sooner western countries are out of that region, the better.) I don’t think Iran will use a nuclear weapon and if I’m correct, the USA is the only country in the world to have used one on a population of another country. Whether you think those bombings were justified, is your opinion, I do however think those bombers were justified, although that’s a totally different subject.

I mean, just look at it from Iran’s point of view, I’m not even going to paint the picture as the picture has been painted so many times. I don’t blame them for wanting a nuclear defense, that I guess is a determent to countries like the US who are around their borders. Other countries possessing nuclear capabilities are just as corrupt, even if not more so, Pakistan comes to mind and other countries aren’t exactly saints.

I concluded my opinion on this issue last year in November, when this was an bigger issue that it is now. – The same time Israel’s Prime Minister, was threatening to launch airstrikes into Iran to halt their nuclear program. – Which is only thought to be a weapon’s program, even though Iran has repeatedly said they are only using nuclear technology for the use of civil nuclear energy. You can read more of my opinion on this, here.