Israel has confirmed the use of tactical missiles against Syrian targets. The supposed shipment of weapons that it bombed were supposedly being transferred to Lebanon to be used against Israel by terrorist group, Hezbollah.

Israeli officials have confirmed that they had fired onto Syrian targets via Lebanese airspace. SANA — has yet to report on this issue and seemed to have kept a low key position on this matter.  On Friday, reports from US officials, who spoke under anonymity announced to the Associated Press that Israel had fired missiles into Syria on Thursday night.

The Syrian ambassador to the United Nations (UN) stated that he had not heard that Israel had used its weapons on Syrian territory. Israel also did neither confirm or deny the attacks when the information was first released on Friday.

On Saturday, Israeli embassy spokesman Aaron Sagui reiterated in an e-mail to the Associated Press, “What we can say is that Israel is determined to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons or other game-changing weaponry by the Syrian regime to terrorists, specially to Hezbollah in Lebanon,” Sagui said.

The Lebanese National News Agency reported that “two enemy warplanes roam over various Lebanese regions“. They further stated that “The enemy warplanes flew in circular manner”. It is thought that the aircraft could have been loitering in Lebanese airspace giving it enough range to launch missiles targeted by forces on the ground or via satellite. The targets of these strikes have also been unclear, it’s very likely Israel struck at a chemical weapons storage facility in Syria.