The Markava 4 is a tank which weighs 65tonnes, self evident by its name it has gone through 4 versions of upgrades and improvements. The tank itself is only used by one army and that is the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) it has been developed over many decades with the Merkava mk. 1 being developed in the 70’s the Merkava mk. 2 that was developed in the 80’s the Merkava mk. 3 being developed in the 90’s and the Markava mk. 4 that is the most recent version which has been developed since 1991 upwards and is the latest generation of Merkava tank. The unique factor with Merkava mk. 4 i that it has a troop carrying capability unlike no other tank it can carry up to 6 additional troops; this is a feature which functions just the same as a armoured personnel carrier however due to obvious reasons (The fact it is a heavily armoured tank) it can be said that it is a much more protected in comparison to an armoured personnel carrier.


The tank has a main armament of a 120mm smoothbore (MG253) cannon along with a 7.62 coaxial machine gun and has a mortar system which fires at  1 x 60 mm. Like most other western tanks it has a 50 calibre (12.7 mm) machine gun mounted on the top-side turret along with a 7.62 mm gun also mounted on the turret.