North Korea marks Kim Il-sung’s birthday

North Korea marks Kim Il-sung’s birthday

North Korea is today marking the 101st anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, the nations founder.

KCNA reports that Kim Jong-Un payed his respects to Kim Il-sung, and to his grandfather at the mausoleum, Kim Jong-il. 

It is feared that because today marks the anniversary of the founding father of the DPRK, the DPRK could possibly launch a ballistic missile as they did on Kim-Il-sung's anniversary last year in 2012. Any ballistic missile launch by the DPRK would likely be condemned world wide, with China also siding with the United States on this issue. Japan has said that they would shoot down any missile that entered its territory.

The hope is that China puts an end to the rhetoric that the DPRK has come out with in recent weeks, and takes action by speaking to its ally in stronger terms. The US and China recently pledged on the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The Secretary of State, John Kerry has said that if China is serious on de-nuclearizing North Korea they would have "to put some teeth into it.."

Born 8 January 1983, became

Born 8 January 1983, became "Supreme Leader" in 2011, when his father, Kim Jong-Il died.

According to reports from KCNA the streets of Pyongyang have been filled with North Korean flags celebrating Kim Il-sungs 101st birthday and as today is a national holiday in North Korea, thousands have gone to parks for picnics and there are dance performances taking place all around Pyongyang. There doesn't seem to be a feeling of war in Pyongyang and perhaps this could be a sign of things coming to a calmness. 

You can see images from a Koryro Tours worker in Pyongyang who took pictures of today's events here:

Pictures of Pyongyang - 2013 - March 15th. 

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