North Korea have threatened to launch cross border attacks if South Korea continues to drop leaflets via air which have anti-regime information on them. The North Korean military has labelled these as attacks as “psychological warfare” according to the state run KCNA news agency.

Tensions between the two Korea’s are likely to rise as the US and South Korea are to start conducting joint military exercises which will run up to March 10th 2011. According to a South Korean politician, Song Young-sun, a report stated that some of these balloons carrying anti-regime leaflets were also carrying supplies of humanitarian aid such as medicine.

The leaflets were aimed towards spreading information on the current crises happening in the Middle East where anti-government protests have successfully worked by the people uprising in large numbers. North Korea is said to be the most isolated country in the world, with the aim that these leaflets spread knowledge of these protests taking place.

A revolt taking place in North Korea would likely be quelled by the iron fist that is of the North Korean army. North Korea has the most militarized borders in the world with over 1 million soldiers located at the DMZ. What we saw in Egypt and Tunisia was the army siding or being neutral parties to the protests taking place. With the grip the incumbent Kim Jong-il has on its people and especially its army, it is highly unlikely in the event of the people uprising the army would also either join them or stand as neutral parties. – As in North Korea there are real consequences of their family being killed or someone they know being killed. The regime in the North has perfected coercion to the extent protesting would likely be deterred for these reasons.