We have introduced a new way of receiving notifications through e-mail. If you don’t enjoy receiving updates on all articles, you can simply receive updates on specific articles.

If an update occurs on an article, you can follow the updates, as you’ll be updated when an update is made. In the screenshot to the right, you’ll see a little icon. To see this, you need to be a registered user of this website, otherwise the icon will not appear. This is how we can discern whether your email is true or fake. Adding another benefit being a registered user of this website.

We have also included in the reply system a common feature on other websites. This is where you can follow on to replies left by other members of this community.

For example if you reply to a post in an article page, then you can receive email updates to those people who reply to your comments and you can then reply back. It is essentially a notification system, it notifies you when someone replies to your comment!

These features are just small features we have added. However we are hoping to bring more design changes and more updates to changes to our website in the future!