Protests have hit the streets of Tehran again and in several other major cities in Iran where similar protests emerged with the election process taking place back in 2009-2010. We saw back then hundreds of thousands of people protesting in major streets and roads all around Tehran. Crowds as large as these have not been seen in Iran since the Islamic Revolution since 1979. We also saw back then the use of social networking to communicate with the the world and others also in Iran. Which has also been used in countries such as recent protests taking place in Egypt and Tunisia, where the people have successfully protested their governments or their dictators out of power.

These protests have apparently been litigated by the opposition leader, Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, according to 50 conservative MPs who blamed oppossition leaders who incidentally were in the disputed Iranian election of 2009-10. On live Iranian state TV, they are said to have chanted “Death to Mousavi, death to Karroubi”. The head of the police force in Tehran also acquitted blame on the opposition leaders and according to reports from the BBC Mousavi and Karroubi are under house arrest, the police have stated openly that that the opposition leaders are under house arrest for instigating the protests.

Apparently protests have become contagious, travelling from Tunisia, Egypt to now Iran and several other countries. However the highlight are Tunisia and Egypt where protests have been 100% successful and the leaders who have leaded these countries have stepped down over decades of power.

The question remains, will the same happen in Iran?

Iran is a subject which is more complex than Egypt and Tunisia. The security forces for both these nations went along with the people in protests or stood as neutral parties and didn’t interfere too much. In the case of Iran, its security forces have acted aggressively and according to BBC reports have responded with tear gas, rubber bullets and like the previous protests men with batons going around on bikes. We did this not see this type of crackdown in Egypt or Tunisia. So the result of these protests will severely be under question especially dependant on how strong the Iranian people are on this issue. With the arrests of the so called political figure heads who are said to have orchestrated the protests — will the Irianian people still keep fighting for a peoples government?