I usually wouldn’t write an article about this, but this has riled me up so much, I felt I needed to post something about this. These riots are happening close to home and they are actually moving closer to where I have a few relatives in the UK. So I felt, out of absence in maintaining this website, I needed to at least post something about this.

What is taking place in London right now is totally disgusting. The story behind the rioting started when a 29 year old man was shot by the police called Mark Duggan. It is only speculated right now that he had a gun. However from what I have read, apparently a police radio had a bullet puncture in it and there was a non-police issued gun on the scene. From this if you add the two together, you will come to the conclusion that Mark Duggan (Just speculating) fired at the police or for whatever reason had a gun. Which is a highly illegal crime in the UK which you can be sentenced up to 14 years imprisonment. The fact the gun may have been used likely would have caused the sentence to go up and the fact a gun was fired at a police officer. However enough of the speculation.

Mr. Duggan was shot dead. The family then protested outside the police station, however a crowd erupted and according to the BBC, 300 protesters gathered outside the police station on Tottenham High Road apparently “asking for justice”. Then things got out of control. 2 police cars were set alight, a double-decker bus and then riot police then got involved in pushing the rioters/thugs back. However what happened next was disgusting. These disgraceful human beings started looting and trashing local shops. Not only that, they set fire to these shops which had people living and sleeping above these shops in flats. The fact people are now homeless and the fact they could have died burning is what annoys me so much. These people are protesting at the fact that a man had been shot at by the police, these people are taking advantage of a situation to steal from local businesses and are acting like despicable human beings.

These people are not protesting at the fact that a man died, they are stealing and are criminals, pure and simple. There is no other way to describe these disgraceful people. I read a recently news report which came in that they are spreading to other parts of London. The fact the police are not reacting fast enough, which from a Twitter posting by Nigel Farage MEP states that “Seeing pictures of looting whilst the police do nothing is frankly astonishing. That’s not protesting, that’s stealing”.

Many more property has been destroyed. Including a police van, public cars just parked in the “battle zones”, a supermarket, a fire engine and many more things including random shops which have been looted and totally destroyed. One story by a HMV manager posted on The Guardian’s live blog on this issue had stated that HMV was going through tough times and that staff had not seen pay rises in 2 years and rarely had bonuses. – Which then lead to him saying that not only did these thieves break-in and steal the companies products, these idiots also broke into staff lockers and stole their possessions. You really could not make this story up. This is just despicable.

Send in the military you say…

The fact that this situation has escalated, you would think involving the military would be a good idea to help the police. Who seem to be now in riot gear, but do not have the numbers to protect the streets and deal with arrests. If it were me and if the situation continued to deteriorate, just send in the army in riot gear and then let the police make the arrests that they need to.

Impose a curfew you say…

I doubt a curfew would do anything especially when the police are stretched thin as it is. Imposing a curfew would be like saying to these morons “Stop being morons”. – It just isn’t going to happen, unless the police obtain more back up. Which from today’s news, the Prime Minister (David Cameron for those who didn’t know) announced that 16,000 police have been activated out of a storage room located at a Underground Station somewhere meticulous in London. All jokes aside, the PM did indeed announce a step of 16,000 policeman in certain areas of London. Given that even this amount of police cannot handle the situation, send in the troops to do the protection of private and public property; in riot gear, and let the police get on with their jobs. – Making the arrests of these thugs and criminals. However I feel a curfew is only possible if the situation calms down and people will possibly realise that there are more police on the ground who are ready to ensure their thievery day’s are over.

Arm the police…

I was very surprised at the fact that London police does not have any vehicles which are equipped with water cannons. These are used all over Europe with great effect of dispersing crowds from certain areas and ensuring riot police have the upper hand. At current the police have hardly any leverage when battling entire crowds of yobs. With a water cannon you can knock people to their feet and push people back from their positions to where you want them.

The reaction from the foreign ministry of Iran is quite hilarious considering the irony:

“Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast referred to Saturday night massive protests in Tottenham which came following murder of a young black man by Scotland Yard Police and called for the UK government to avoid any police’s harsh treatment with protesters.” — Source

Considering the fact that Iranian riot police were armed with rubber bullet guns and real live ammunition which killed people I find it incredibly hard to for the Foreign Ministry of Iran to have any comment on this issue. The fact that the Iranian’s were protesting and not thieving, looting and trashing everywhere is also a widely different situation, – where the Iranian police would have been expected to show more restraint. Especially so when the police in London are dealing with thieves, scum and arsonists. Different set of rules can be played in this situation as in this situation you are dealing with criminals of the most obvious order. Send in the water cannons, give the police rubber bullets (On condition they have limited usage) and arm the police with beenbag guns.

The sending-in of extra police should be a much improved welcome on the situation to finally and actually deter others from taking part in the idiotic criminal behavior that is taking place in England right now. Having lived in London my entire life, I can’t understand how people could do this. But also knowing the attitudes of some of the younger generation in London, I get they have the ability to go further with their moronic stance on their mentality.