T-80 is another of the “T” series tank which entered service in the 1970’s, however this article focuses on the T-80U which was developed in 1945. The T-80U’s main armourment is a 125mm smoothbore gun which is capable of firing or launching ATGM’s. Just like the ‘Challenger 2‘ and other modern western tanks, the T-80U has a gunner and commander which can separately visualize targets on the battlefield, which allows for two eyes to be looking out for hostile or potential targets at the same time. However what is unique about this tank is that it has the ability to shoot ATGM’s out of it’s main 125mm smooth bore gun. – It can fire a 9M119 or also known as an AT-11, which can engage other armoured units and even is capable of shooting down low-flying helicopters at a range of up to 100 – 5,000m.

Above is a picture of the “9M119”.

The main gun has a stabilizer or fire control system, which allows the tank to fire while also transversing over rough terrain.
Also mounted beside the gun is a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and on the roof is mounted a 12.7mm machine gun, which the primary purpose is intended for anti-aircraft capabilities. – the 12.7 mm can be mounted on any of the three connection points on the turret itself.