Muammar Gaddafi dead [10/20/2011]

Gaddafi has been confirmed to be dead by several news agency sources and through videos footage. You can find information provided by Aljazeera on their website. After weeks of fighting over Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte, he himself has been killed along with the NTC capturing the town as well. Mutassim Gaddafi the son of Muammar Gaddafi has also reported to have been killed.

It starks the final end to the conflict which started in August 2011. The killing of Gaddafi surrounds some questions which need to be raised. It would have been nice to see him in a court of law being prosecuted for his crimes as well as finding out about the many secrets he was holding. Through NATO intervention and of course the Libyan people on the ground, the Libyan people have regained all control over their governance and their way of living. I can only hope for the best for the Libyan people.

[Aug 26, 2011]

I have been following the situation unfolding in Libya. It seems the rebels have made great pushes through what I’ve seen through media reports into Tripoli almost controlling all of the capital. – Now they are pushing on into Sirte, the home town of Muammar Gaddafi.

But I question what NATO are doing in that country. I question why NATO were not to the aid of the Syrian people. Although what could be perceived as threats to Syria by world leaders including the US. NATO states that it cannot be everywhere, but I am pretty sure as hell they have the resources to launch attacks into Syria where the UN has stated that near to 1,000 Syrian people have been killed with footage on YouTube depicting the violence that has occurred there. Yet the world stood idle with only words and no action as innocent Syrian’s were slaughtered. The only difference it seems and it has occurred before, is the fact that Libya has oil, so it is worth more to the west than other countries who are violent dictators. (With exception to North Korea, since they have nuclear weapons and have China as a silent ally who also have nuclear weapons)

I also question what I saw in an interview on the BBC with the UK Defence Secretary. He states the following:

Defence Secretary Liam Fox: “The Nato mission remains the protection of the civilian population”

I don’t believe this operation holds any bearing toward protecting the Libyan civilian population anymore. The distinction has to be made between the Libyan rebels who are armed and the civilian population.

Don’t get me wrong. I may now have painted a picture where I am against the west. I am not. I agreed with the intervention in the Ivory Coast for a start and I also agree with the intervention in Libya by the west. Maybe I have had enough of the west being the world police, but then you have to ask, someone has to step up to the plate to support the UN’s demands and the west seemingly has the only military force to project military power and economic influence to countries in these regions. I may have had enough, but I still agree with what they are doing.

I am glad that Libya may have the chance to become a democracy … just like Egypt, Tunisia and hopefully other countries will follow the same route, but in a less violent manner. I just have certain doubts about what is happening in the world right now. There will be a follow up to this.