In 2008/09/10, the first article was created on this website, the article was created about the British armoured vehicle; Challenger 2. With this in mind we have travelled quite slowly and the site was neglected for a period of time where no new content was created and nothing to the site was being done. Since I am back to updating this site and adding new quality articles, in the same period we have seen growth in traffic, especially in this year of 2010. We have received the most traffic of any other year the website has been up, which would be 2008 and 2009 and on a month per month basis we have never seen traffic like we are seeing today on this website.

The intentions of this website

I feel personally that there are people out there who, like myself, enjoy discussing various armoured type vehicles in the military and perhaps other genre of military related vehicles. The website was created as I believed that I could make a successful website where I could find people like myself, who like myself would like to debate and share knowledge and information that I wouldn’t have known before. Most of all I want to attract people who have first hand been in these vehicles and experienced what they are like to gain knowledge and understanding which I and others would not have known about. Thus when I collect all this information I can gather this website like a database where people can look and find out more than any other source about what these vehicles are really about.

Where are we going?

I’m soon moving to Taiwan. Taiwan has a lot of military equipment due to the threat which lays on main land China and the divide of opinion which sways the government and people of both China and Taiwan. However with myself moving to Taiwan, I’ll have first hand access to information and unique pictures of military vehicles in Taiwan. They operate a lot of American vehicles, which I can also gain knowledge and information for, for the U.S. category. There are a lot of things to be done and with the right plans for the future I feel this website will go far as this year has seen an exponential growth in comparison to previous years and also months.

The pillars are up and now it is time to start getting creative. 🙂