Things are erupting in the middle east and the balance of order is at what some would call a tipping point especially for Israel who take any new information that the chance Iran are building nuclear weapons very seriously. (OpEd: The IAEA suspects Iran is seeking to develop a nuclear weapon)

However with the recent crisis (British embassy attacked in Tehran) which occurred in Iran, according to Dominick Chilcott the British ambassador to Iran, the attack on the British embassy in Tehran was “state-sponsored activity“. The attack led to the closure of the Iranian embassy in London with all diplomats having to leave within 48 hours. Though the attack is suspected to have come from the fact that previously the UK government had imposed central bank sanctions on Iran due to the new findings by the IAEA last month. (22nd November)

However fresh sanctions from the United States and the European Union have been imposed in light of the attack on the embassy being thought as state sponsored.

Russia’s foreign ministry has stated that the sanctions against Iran are “unacceptable and against international law”.

It isn’t clear whether military action is going to be taken if more evidence is found that Iran is building a nuclear weapon. However it is entirely possible in my opinion that Israel will be the country to react military, as it will not allow under any circumstances for Iran to obtain or build a nuclear weapon. In the years previous, there has always been talk of Israel launching a large scale operation in the air to blow up any suspected nuclear facilities. – It might very well be possible.

The West

There is a lot of talk on the web that the West will militarily attack Iran. – I don’t feel that is conceivable at the moment. There is no political support for that type of action to take place nor would the peoples of the respective countries support such action. However Israel on the other hand, proven in history (In Syria and Iraq), would likely make an attack on Iranian facilities if it felt it had to. It would likely come at the support of US intelligence or major western intelligence and support.

So do I think the US/UK will do anything militarily?

The capability is there, but I don’t think there is enough will-power or enough momentum to push a military attack from the west. Plus if this was taken to the UN Security Council (UNSC), any mention of a military attack on Iran would be vetoed by China and Russia. In short, it’s not going to happen.