[15th / September / 2010 ] has seen a sharp increase in unique visitors this month.  On average daily we are obtaining 141 unique visitors per day. From previous months this is up by nearly 40 unique visitors per day.

We are hoping to gain the largest amount of unique visitors for this website in a month, and if we follow this trend in the amount of visitors then we are looking to get nearly 2,600 unique visitors this month. Today is the largest amount of unique visitors so far this month and actually in fact any time this year. Not only that, but this entire year, even though not complete yet, is 3 times as many unique visitors we got in the entirety of last year with over 17,000 unique visitors so far this year as a total and with 53,000 page hits.

Talking of hits, we have gained a lot of Russian visitors. They have become nearly our top ranking visitors this month. This is possibly to do with the new Russian armour [ Military vehicles ] that have only recently gone up:

Now 2,600 unique visitors may not seem much. However for a website which virtually is serving on quality content only with no form of commercial advertising, it is pretty decent and seeing as the unique visitors are increasing month by month; that isn’t too bad at-all.

Update [29th / September / 2010]

Today we reached the highest record number of unique visitors to our website for a total month. Throughout the previous months, our unique hits were increasing and increasing. It is getting to the stage where we are growing and hopefully we’ll see some good activity on our forums soon enough. 🙂

Update [28th / October / 2010]

This month we have reached a mile stone, we have obtained and beaten last months record of unique visitors to our website for a total month. Things are going good and hopefully we can increase the visitor count significantly as we role out new articles and update the main website.

Update [1st / December / 2010]

By the end of November (30th 2010) we yet again received the most amount of visitors this year. We can only hope this December we receive the same amount of unique visitors this month if not more. Except for one month this year, we have been consistent in increasing traffic per month. This is due to the increasing quality in articles and the niche of certain vehicles becoming more popular thus helping us in SERPs when we advertise our website. We hope by the end of December we have an increase in traffic on a month by month basis.

Update [31st / December / 2010] – Overview

In terms of traffic for this year. has done relatively well. If we look for the entire year we have seen 31,000 unique visits in one year. This may not be much, but if you look at things and when traffic started to build  up then you come to understand why the traffic was at that mark. In January 2010, we only obtained 1,000 unique visits, in February 2,000 unique visits, March 2,500 unique visits then it stayed at around this mark for a couple months. Then in October we saw 3,500 unique visits, in November 4,000 unique visits and then in December 5,000 unique visits. So the year ended well. We obtained the largest amount of unique visits at the end of the year. So a great year all in all.

Update [14th / January / 2011]

Traffic has exploded at the start of 2011. We managed to reach 6,000 unique visits in 14 days. The site is looking more or less to be probably getting around 10,000 unique visits this month or perhaps more. (Estimate) Dependent of course on SERP changes and also search activity. Wikipedia is also a good source for a lot of our traffic. While also the issue of the Chinese stealth aircraft the J-20 has given us a huge amount of traffic which is primarily our primary source for this months boost in traffic. Compare the image below to 2010’s September. A huge, huge improvement in traffic.

traffic statistics

Update [25th/January/2011]

This month was certainly the highest amount of unique visits this website has ever got. We managed to reach 10,000 unique visits just today; not even completing the month. On the 14th of this month as noted in the above paragraph, I was weary as to whether we would reach the 10,000 mark. I think this month is going to be the highest amount of traffic we will see for quite sometime until we can start ranking better for other search terms. The J-20 article has had its traffic however it was only a temporary boost in traffic while still bringing in traffic, just not quite as much. Can we beat this for next month? I’m doubtful. It will require a lot more work.