Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Recent events where the U.S. intelligence service seems to be screwing up are becoming frequent. Or at least there have been 2 large incidents involving Iran where possible and likely screw ups have occurred.

The first recent event which occurred was the capture of the RQ-170 unmanned American spy plane on the 4th of December. This first event caught the eyes of the world media, even I thought it was Iran just spouting out rubbish and I thought it would just be a non-story. However they unveiled the unmanned stealth aircraft in a video published by the state media of Iran to the world.

Now of course the US Department of Defense stated that a UAV had lost control over western Afghanistan. They insinuated that the loss was due to control failure. However the stealth drone was not part of ISAF and was part of a CIA operation. Now you don’t need to be an expert to smell bullshit and this is exactly that.

RQ-170 Iran

The first question which should be asked about this event, if the above statement is true:

Why were they using a stealth drone?

 As far as I know, the Taliban do not possess radar capabilities. Why even put at risk, something as expensive as a stealth Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for fighting people who possess nothing more than RPG-7’s, AK’s and who fight using guerilla tactics.  

To me it is pretty obvious. This mission by the CIA went south and the US Department of Defense could only come up with an excuse like this, that fast as it is the most viable excuse they could use. Do I think the US intelligence service was attempting to spy on Iranian soil? Yes. This is wholly and likely to do with the nuclear issue and with Iran attaining or building nuclear weapons. To which they say they are only building nuclear facilities for civil use.

That is just one incident, and that is a pretty damning incident, considering the drones capabilities and its stealth features. I have no doubt that Iran will try to reverse engineer this vehicle or perhaps work with foreign partners such as China and Russia. The other incident which has happened recently is that a alleged spy has been caught in Iran.

The Guardian reported that a Amir Mirzaei Hekmati has been accused of spying on an intelligence service building Iran, apparently the prosecutor alleged he had entered “Iran’s intelligence department three times”. Furthermore he was accused of being a US marine however trained by the CIA for a mission like this, the prosecutor alleged.

This comes at a time where relations with Iran are a bit greasy, with the issue that the Vice-President of Iran has suggested the blocking the Hormuz strait. The threat is a large threat to the world economies who depend on oil from this region, with countries like the US dependent on foreign oil as well as the EU continent as a whole; who are not doing too well economically right now. However I believe this is an empty threat, considering the US fifth fleet are in this area and would never let this occur. Apparently this threat came up when the US threatened an oil embargo against Iran, which hasn’t been done in recent times, as an oil embargo on Iran would increase the price of oil world wide.

So the point of this article? US intelligence needs to stop failing. These mistakes are being watched by the world and the consequence of that is that the US won’t be supported if it attempts to start a war with Iran.