I’ve read about this for quite a bit and it’s hard not to read about it especially when your favourite forums, websites, newspapers are all reporting about it. I also did my own little report about the situation, here.

If there is anything I hate about religion is the fact that Islam seems to be involved in every major incident when it comes to terrorism. Now, to be fair they have been attacked by the west, but this was in response to incidents such as 9/11, the London bombings, Madrid bombings etc. When you corner a bear, in the end it has to fight back. I guess this term works both ways and I cannot possibly attest to just one side being right. But guess what, Obama in 2009 offered his hand to Muslim countries. He wanted to become more friendly with them.

Granted the situation in Afghanistan in recent history hasn’t been fabulous, and Obama did increase troop numbers, but this did not effect other Muslim countries. I absolutely detest Islam and its train of thought or its perceived train of thought. That’s possibly the worse thing about religion, as religious people believe in non-existent entities. Or non-existent in terms you cannot see, hear, feel or smell God, in the same way you can see your sister, brother, mother, husband, daughter, niece and uncle. So while they are interpreting their religion the way they think it should be, you are left with a bunch of crazy people, yes crazy people, running around believing in some sort of ideology and their excuse is that God told them. More likely than not, these people only believe in that certain religion as they were brought up, or were influenced by the many others that surrounded them.

So why exactly is the Muslim world protesting, rioting and killing?

The Libyan consulate in Benghazi was possibly the first attack which killed US diplomats, or more notably the US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens along with 3 other US diplomatic staff. While the story is still sketchy on the way he was killed and whether or not the he was being helped by Libyans, that’s the problem. It’s because of these protests that led to the consequence of a US ambassador and others being killed.

For what?

For a stupid video/movie, made by some person living in California. They reacted over a video made by an individual, demanding a jihad upon him, for him to be beheaded and of course killed. KILLED. All because he made a video going against and mocking their religion. I don’t care who you are, if you have an opinion against mine, then you have that right but you have no right to call death upon someone. That’s the problem, and it seems a lot of Muslims don’t understand this. Plus, why are they protesting against the US government, instead they should be directing their attacks against YouTube who host the video/movie in question. They seem to think by attacking US embassies they will garner support in the west. If anything, they are arousing and affirming more hatred towards themselves to those that do not believe in their ancient belief system.