The ‘Warrior’ Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is a troop carrying medium size armored vehicle which is armed with a 30 mm (RARDEN) cannon; the same gun as the FV107-Scimitar. The vehicle has been in service with the British Army after its production in the 1980s when GKN (Now owned by BAE) won contracts to build this vehicle, however it was in the 1970’s when the project begun in the creation in this vehicle starting with the MCV-80.


Primary: RARDEN 30 mm Cannon

Secondary: Coaxial 7.62 mm chain gun

Armor type: Aluminium & Appliqué (Ceramics)

Other specifications

The Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) has been deployed in combat conditions in the first and second Gulf wars (Iraq) and is currently in combat conditions in Afghanistan. (2010) The RARDEN cannon fires 30 mm high-explosive incendiary (HEI) and armor-piercing discarding sabot (APDS) rounds and has a range of effective fire of around 1,500 meters.

The vehicle can carry 7 fully equipped infantrymen including hand held anti-tank guided missiles such as the ‘Javelin‘; which is capable of destroying tanks. The ‘Warrior’ has a crew of three, the gunner and commander being seated within the turret as well as the driver being seated in the front-hull of the vehicle. The vehicle is also nuclear, biologically and chemically (NBC) protected and also has operational range of 410 miles. The vehicle weighs in at 25 tonnes and has a maximum speed of 46 MPH over flat ground.

Upgrade program

The Warrior IFV’s service life has been extended to 2025. Upgrades to the vehicle incorporated the Bowman tactical communications system while also including a thermal imaging system, which includes a laser range finder. 350 vehicles were fitted with these upgrades by November 2005. The vehicle will also receive a new turret, as the RARDEN turret-gun has not have a fire control system (FCS) which means it cannot shoot on the move; with the upgrade it will receive a new digital fire control system. Along with this the RARDEN uses a 3-clip belt fed system, where the gunner has to feed the gun 3 round ammunition pieces. – With a new turret potentially in the 40 mm specification or possibly 30 mm it will feature an auto loader. In June 2006 BAE systems started testing the new gun fitted to the Warrior IFV then later in October 2006 the MoD administered tests by trialing the new turret. In December 2008, the Warrior completed tests with high accuracy and reliability. It fired from both 40 mm and 30 mm turret-guns.


  • Britain “Warrior IFV” of which 789 were supplied between 1987 to 1995.
  • Kuwait “Desert Warriors” (Export variants) of which 254 were supplied.