Currently we only focus on 6 Countries. We have special reasons for only talking about these Countries on this website. However we first need to for-fill a high enough quota for quality articles for each section or category of this website before adding more. I think 6 categories is good enough for now and especially since these categories or Countries have very interesting and unique armour and weaponry to talk about. The thought of adding additional categories/countries has come to mind and there have been some choices made on the next categories up coming on the future of Particularly Countries who manufacture their own types of armour have come to mind. However we hope for the future to add articles on every armoured vehicle in militaries around the world today.

Which categories are next?

Since India has their own indigenous tank, the Arjun, we will be adding a category on India in the near future.  Not only because they are building a home grown tank however because they also have other armoured vehicles in their arsenal. China is also the focus of the next categories and articles we will be writing about, since they have a large arsenal of military armoured vehicles which need to be published on this website. They have a vast selection of vehicles we could talk about, like the Type 83 152 mm self-propelled gun or the Type 85 130 mm rocket-APC. Which are also interesting vehicles that we should have on this website in the future. We are focusing on Asia since defence spending is an increasing factor in Asian countries especially China who have leaped into 2nd place in terms of defence spending.

But no fear, more articles on other countries will be coming in the near future. We are also looking for editorial positions to write articles for us. If you think you can, please visit this page for more information.