The Chonma-ho or Pegasus is a North Korean main battle tank (MBT). The tank was designed before 1980 and was procured after 1980.

The number of Chonma-ho tanks that were built equal to more than 1,200 manufactured. The design of the tank is, actually, based on the T-62 design. If we look at the comparison below we can come to conclusion that the T-62 and Chonma-ho share a lot in common:


Of the 1,200 tanks produced – 150 were exported to Iran in 1985. Not too much is known about this tank; however, from recent pictures we can see that the tank has been upgraded through its life cycle. In recent pictures during military parades the tank featured armored side-skirts to protect its tracts and thermal sleeves/range finders. The tank has also seen other extensive upgrades with a 125mm 2A46 Smoothbore Gun and increased ERA protection. The tank weighs in at a light 40 tonnes, has a hull length of 6.63 m, a width of 3.52 m, and height of 2.4 m.


Recent photo of the Chonma-ho (MBT)


  • 115 mm 2A20 Smoothbore Gun/125mm 2A46 Smoothbore Gun
  • KPV 14.5 mm heavy machine gun, 7.62 mm machine gun in coaxial mount
  • Side-mounted smoke launchers.


  • The Choma-ho has a crew of four. The loader, gunner, commander and driver.